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Drinking chocolates
Frappes and smoothies
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Whatever the category of powdered beverage, we’d love to help!

Success in the coffee business requires more than hard work. It requires a range of skills from art to science, and a team experienced in bringing innovative new products to market.

But that’s not enough. You need a partner who helps create, then execute on your vision. Unlike some private-labelers who also sell direct to end-user customers, Caffco is focused entirely on supporting roasters and beverage brands like you.

We don’t and will never compete with you. We measure our success solely on how we help you succeed.
To that end, all of our services fall into three categories:

Custom Private-Labeled Powdered Beverages

“New” is essential to keeping your brand fresh and your customers engaged.
Update your menu and diversify your revenue sources by engaging Caffco to help you create delicious and profitable new drinks. Work with our food technologists as you choose from a broad range of ingredients and flavours to innovate new chais, drinking chocolates, frappes and smoothies.
Recipe formulation and testing
Product sourcing and pricing
Regulatory compliance and certification

Marketing and Branding

The best products don’t always win but the best-promoted products do.
The Caffco team is well-versed in launching products, and will help you successfully introduce your new custom products. Our design team will work with you to ensure you and your products catch customers’ eyes and stand out from your competitors.
Market assessment and positioning
Graphic and package design
New product launch planning

Supply Chain and Inventory Management

Great ideas often fail due to poor execution.
Bringing a new product to market can do more harm than good if you can’t satisfy demand. Outsource your supply chain headaches to Cafe’s expert logisticians. They’ll stabilize your costs and ensure you have the products you need, when you need them.
Ingredient sourcing and cost reduction
Climate-controlled, compliant product storage
Inventory management
Just-in-time (JIT) delivery

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