While the Caffco team brings an abundance of creativity and experience to the party, you bring the most important element: YOU

That’s why we adapt our process to each client, and why we spend a lot of time asking questions and listening to your answers. While some private-label partners try to force-fit you to their process, we adapt ours to you.

That said, we do follow a framework that ensures we discover your goals, constraints, and concerns — as well as your dreams and nightmares.

Did you know?

Caffco’s operation and products are certified fair trade, carbon neutral, Kosher, Halal and comply with relevant government and industry regulations.

Those accreditations apply to every concoction you make with us. Turns out doing good can be delicious.

Here are the elements of our process:

1. Define the Destination

This is the most important part of the process. It ensures your expectations are clearly understood and represented throughout the rest of the process.

Our team works with you to understand your current situation, trends in your market and what success looks like to you.

2. Determine the Constraints

Together, we can build solutions around your goals if we understand the resources available to achieve them from the very beginning.

Let’s say you’d like to launch a new powdered beverage at an event in three months. Equipped with that knowledge, we can determine the labor and financial resources needed to ensure you have what you need to make the event a smashing success — within budget.

3. Develop the Recipe

We think the entire process is fun but this part is REALLY fun! Here we bring in our food tech team to experiment and provide options for you to taste and test.

For your convenience, these test samples are delivered to your door for your enjoyment and assessment. Depending on constraints identified in the previous stage, we can repeat the tests until you find a winning recipe that you love.

4. Design the Brand

Presentation affects perception, so our designers work with you to ensure your new creation features beautiful, distinct packaging. Caffco makes sure you stand out from the crowd of competitor offerings.

5. Deliver the product

We’re not talking about initial delivery alone. We know that customer delight isn’t simply ringing the bell once, but delivering delightful experiences time after time.

Our sourcing and logistics team stands behind you to ensure you have the product you need day after day, month after month. No more supply chain sorrows for you!

6. Manage the Inventory

Many private-label manufacturers require you to purchase large quantities of product and take possession of it all at once. The result is a significant upfront cost that stifles cash flow, not to mention the storage challenges this creates.

With Caffco, you benefit from economies of scale typically reserved for huge orders, while allowing you to pay for what you can afford over time. We store the surplus so you can focus on what you do best and not warehousing.

Most important of all: it helps keep cash in your pocket so you can invest in other aspects of your business simultaneously.

Matching the Journey to Your Vision

Like each person, every project is unique. We may need to spend more time in one of the stages than another, but the destination is always the same: your delight.

Seen Enough?

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