From source to sip, Caffco’s coffee production stands for fairness and sustainability. With every blend, you’re contributing to an ethical program that makes a difference. Care trade commits to a socially responsible approach that includes.

Energy Saving Production

Energy Saving Production

We’re committed to reducing our carbon footprint. The innovative roasting processes we employ have the capacity to recycle heat, using up to 50% less gas-energy compared to conventional roasting systems.

Green Energy Alternatives

Drive demand for renewable energy and reduce Greenhouse gas emissions with our Green Power program that derives energy from renewable sources.


Meaningful Employment Opportunities

The Caffco Group integrates elements of our production process with an Australian Disabilities Enterprise that focuses on providing meaningful and skilled employment for more than 200 people with disabilities. creating sustainable opportunities and development.

Rainforest Alliance Certified

For sustainably minded customers, it’s important to know that the values of a business they support. Our Rainforest Alliance (RFA) blends are sourced from RFA and Organic accredited sources to ensure ecosystems, wildlife and people are protected in the farming and business practices we engage with.


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