Caffco Group is a unique provider of customised beverages that your consumers will value. Our beverage offering span a range of categories, including Roast & Ground coffee, Loose Leafe Teas, Cocoas, Powdered Beverages and Additives and packaging, all of which can be customised and integrated to suit your project's objectives.

Customised coffee production

We co-design and deliver the best products to create the perfect beverage through our coffee production process.

Optimal Freshness

Keep your coffee fresh to guarantee a satisfying coffee experience. We work with the elements in your value chain to optimise the time from production to consumption so you deliver ideal beverage experiences.

Unique Process

Our Hybrid Coffee Roasting process is energy efficient and state-of-the-art. It combines traditional drum roasting technology with fluid bed air roasting to deliver consistently high products with delicate flavour profiles.

Quality Management System

You can rely on the Caffco Group to supply high-quality goods with our certified HACCP quality management system that provides full traceability across our network. Rest assured knowing our standards of coffee and beverages are monitored regularly to deliver valuable customer experiences.


Roasted Coffee

Consistency is the cornerstone of a positive experience. When we’ve mapped out the blend and roast profile you desire, our digitally managed production system ensure a consistent taste experience for your end consumer.

Our automated roasting facilities are HACCP approved, utilising a hybrid drum, fluid bed design and rapid cooling system to deliver an exceptionally even roast colour and aromatic blend.

Pod Coffee

Pods and capsules are an integral part of the beverage market. The Caffco group offer professional and mass customised packing options in ESE pods or closed capsule formats to design and deliver the products that suit your brand.


Soluble Coffee

Converting raw coffee into a delicious, aromatic instant coffee is a specialised process that requires careful, fast processing to ensure freshness.

Our global network of producers deliver a custom product in soluble formats that are Freeze Dried, Granulated or Spray Dried to suit your business model and consumer.

Nitro & Cold Brew Coffee

One of the more innovative and interesting trends in the coffee market is the entrance of Nitro and Cold Brew coffee. Caffco has researched this category and we've invested and partnered with specialised brewers to deliver this unique category in a customised and flexible way whether in with kegs and keg systems, cans or concentrates we can flex and get you in this category.


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