Our expert team of beverage specialists and Food Techs can scope out your specific project and help design your unique or boutique drinking chocolate range that best suits your consumer's preferences. We have a wide range of delicious chocolate and cocoa ingredients and blends ready to be flexed to your specific requirements.


Luscious Chocolates

The finest Dutch processed cocoa powder provides a luscious hot chocolate experience to your beverage menu. Our drinking chocolate is ethically produced and recognised globally for its distinctive flavour and texture. Share the experience today.

Ethical Cocoa

Our cocoa suppliers are dedicated to improving the social, environmental and economic standing of cocoa farmers, labourers and their surrounding communities. The broad range of programs and partnerships in major growing regions focus on:

  • Socially and environmentally responsible agricultural practices
  • Improving the livelihoods of the local growing communities
  • Supporting education of local grower communities
  • Sustainable tree planting

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