About Us

Caffco’s Mission

We help passionate coffee roasters and beverage brands create delicious and profitable powdered beverage brands that competitors can’t beat. This dramatically increases our client’s close rate, multiplies their profits, and allows them to escape the slog their business has often become, putting them back on track toward the business of their dreams.

We’ve Been Where You Are

Caffco was founded in 2007 by a group of coffee & beverage industry veterans with experience in every facet of the industry — food service, retail, production, distribution, product development, sales & marketing, and more. They founded Caffco together to make private labeling for small businesses more accessible.

Although Caffco originally offered contract coffee roasting, leadership narrowed their focus to custom powder-based beverages for food services, retail, and wholesalers where new product innovation opportunities are broader and more dynamic, supply chain risks are lower, and client profit margins are greater.

Today, Caffco is solely focused on helping up-and-coming coffee roasters and beverage brands create unique powder-based beverages, deliver them to market, and assist with their management & continuous growth.

The Caffco team collectively brings decades of successful experience in a wide range of services that address every requirement from product development, marketing strategy, supply chain management, design and positioning as well as regulatory compliance and accreditation.

Meet the Team


Jim started his professional career and his lifelong journey of chasing flavour, as a chef. He has worked at many fine restaurants during his career in both Europe and Australia, the most notable being, the former acclaimed Sydney Restaurant, Darling Mills in Glebe.

After a successful career in the kitchen he changed his path toward becoming a qualified Food Technology at the Sydney Institute. From there he has spent several years in the food ingredient business and then onto mastering the art of product development and production operations and has even spent a number of few years roasting coffee.

Since Jim has joined the Caffco team in 2015 he has brought a wealth of experience, knowledge and skill in developing and producing tasty and profitable beverages for our customers.


Deb Mahony joined Caffco in 2009 after a lengthy operations and quality assurance career that included senior positions with AST Australia and Samsung Electronics. Prior to joining Caffco, she served as a Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) auditor. HACCP is an internationally recognized standard that defines food safety requirements and certifies compliance.

Her experience successfully guiding organizations the rigorous ISO 9002 process has been integral in helping Caffco achieve it numerous compliance certifications and accreditations. Deb is a key reason you and your customers can enjoy confidence in the quality and safety of the products you create with us.


JP Maree joined Caffco in 2015 after receiving his procurement Management, Logistics, Materials, and Supply Chain Management certification from Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply (CIPS).

JP’s academic and professional supply chain management skills perfectly compliment his passion for customer service excellence and are major contributors to Caffco’s commitment to customer delight.


Jack Shaw joined Caffco all the way back in 2004, after a dynamic career that included public service, working in the software/gaming industry, and even owning and operating his own cafe in the early 2000s.

Jack has served Caffco’s industry partners and clients passionately from the very beginning. His vast life and professional experience helps him approach client’s needs from a truly consultative perspective, holding himself to the standard that he’ll never recommend anything that he wouldn’t implement in his own business.

Any of Caffco’s clients will tell you that Jack isn’t a “salesperson” in the traditional sense — he’s truly a consultative partner.


The spirit of entrepreneurialism that forms the theme of Mark Christofides’s life manifested at age 19 when he opened his first cafe. He served as marketing manager in one of Australia’s largest coffee distributors while completing his graduate degree at the University of Wollongong. Mark also holds an undergraduate degree in Hospitality Management and Commercial Foodservice.

Mark founded Caffco in 2007 with a mission to help passionate entrepreneurs build innovative and thriving businesses through strong and collaborative partnerships. His broad food and beverage industry knowledge and experience serve as the foundation upon which Caffco clients build success.

Accreditations & Certifications

Our achievements are yours. Every product you create with us meets and exceeds the following standards – go ahead, take a victory lap.